Making a splash with Acorn Commercials

Since 2004, Acorn Commercials of Waddesdon have been providing expert commercial cleaning for vehicles and buildings.  More recently they needed a new website to better reflect their modern, professional business.

iBizify are pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which has been making quite a splash!  Check it out here:

Here are some of our other recent sites:

iBizify custom websites start at £499 plus a £25 per month subscription that includes everything you need.

Custom websites

Case study: Tavistock House Dental Practice

New customer-centric iBizify website with Promote+ saves time for staff and customers, generates a 350% increase in online direct contact and a 20% increase in visitors.

Established in 1973, Tavistock Dental Practice of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire has always remained at the forefront of dental technology and care for its patients.  Striving for constant improvement, their team’s passion for learning new techniques, discovering new materials, and attending regular training is clear.

Our patients are the heart of everything we do.  We set up and maintain rapport with our patients and provide a fair, honest, and ethical approach.  We believe this is why so few patients ever leave us,” said Carlton Morris, Principal Dentist at Tavistock.

The need

Tavistock recognises the importance of supplying customer convenience online as well as in surgery.  Their existing website was several years old and built during the transition towards “mobile-first” web design.  Whilst supplying essential information to visitors, it had become dated in its design, difficult to edit, and didn’t add enough value to the customer’s experience.  Website visitor numbers were falling, with many preferring to simply use Google directly.

Tavistock and iBizify worked together to identify what were the most important and most used elements of Tavistock’s online service to customers, and what could be added to increase value and productivity within the existing processes.

The solution

The result was a plan to build a whole new website on iBizify’s Web Platform, combined with iBizify’s Promote+ service, that would provide:

  • An appointment request service
  • Photo gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Regularly updated news
  • Original content
  • A responsive design for the best experience on all devices

"The new Site Editor allows me to easily make changes to the website as soon as they are needed, it is now much easier to keep our customers informed.  The new appointments feature makes it easier for our clients to request appointments out of hours, and helps us to gather the required information,” said Lesley, of Tavistock

iBizify Promote+ keeps it alive

Promote+ is a dynamic service that helps to establish, increase, and maintain an online presence.  From simple news generation, through to promotion across multiple social networks, Promote+ ensures that nothing ends up stale.

Tavistock chose to take up Promote+, enabling IBizify to generate original content for use on the website via monthly phone consultations coupled with proactive research.  The service includes cross-posts to Google, search engine listing updates (such as holiday opening times and special offers) and other proactive website updates.

Many web developers are happy to simply deliver a website and move on.  iBizify goes further by delivering a live Web Platform with continual improvement and feature updates via a subscription.  Combined with Promote+ visitors get the experience they deserve and can feel confident they have the latest information.  It’s not just search engines that love fresh content,” said Steve Munden of iBizify.


iBizify’s services are based on a simple, adaptable, monthly subscription that ensures its customers get everything they need, including:

  • Site Editor tools
  • Hosting on's custom, performance-managed servers
  • 24/7 performance and security monitoring
  • Domain registration and renewal
  • Web and IT support
  • Content generation and assistance
  • Email and cloud storage services
  • Microsoft Office 365 administration and support

What Tavistock said

During day-to-day business it can be difficult to keep the website up-to-date.  The new website provides added convenience to our customers whilst iBizify's monthly Promote+ service along with the Site Editor tools ensure it is proactively maintained,” - Carlton Morris, Principal Dentist at Tavistock.

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What to look for in a PC for your small business

When you need to get a new computer for your business in a hurry, it can be tempting to grab a cheap deal from a local store or from the top of Google.  After all, many devices look alike – they have screens, keyboards, more or less features.  However, what you buy and how much you spend will dictate a great deal about the experience you get with that device months or years after the purchase.  Here we discuss what to look for in a business PC and how to avoid pain later.

This article assumes you are looking for a Windows-based PC for general, everyday use.  If you use specialist or particularly demanding software you should consult the vendor to ensure the specifications are appropriate.  We discuss Apple Macs below.  Call us for advice if you are uncertain.

How much should I spend?

The short answer is as much as you can or want to.  A more helpful question is “what is the minimum I should spend?” because this is where things go wrong.  There is a wealth of low-end PCs available.  Many of which look great from the outside, often the same or better-looking than their more expensive counterparts.  We’ll discuss this more below, but in the meantime, here is a rough guide based on 2018 laptops:

Minimum spend for a sensible business laptop: £350 - £400 + VAT

Recommended spend for a business laptop: > £550 - £750 + VAT

Minimum spend for “luxury”, a convertible or more powerful laptop: > £1,200 ++