New benefits and features for customers

If you have bespoke designed hosted websites or web apps with you'll already know of the many benefits of our low-cost customised annual service packages such as:

  • Probably the easiest site content editor…in the world?
  • High-performance dedicated web / app hosting
  • Standard email with web / mobile web mail or…
  • Office 365 integration with Exchange Online
  • 24/7 performance and security monitoring
  • Domain management and renewal
  • Manual content update service
  • Technical support
  • Visitor statistics
  • …and more

Out with the old and in with the new

You probably already know that is all about making business simpler by making best use of the latest technology to deliver great web, internet, cloud, mobile and business productivity experiences. However, we believe the best ideas start at home, so we are always working at ways of simplifying our very own business and the products and services that we offer.

Over the last year has been working hard to simplify our offering and also rebranding to modernise and bring our image in line with our very ethos, and I believe our new logo reflects that sentiment.

The old and the new logo

The new Site Editor replaces iMakeMe – coming August 2014

For our website customers, a key part of these new changes concern our online Site Editor (formally known as iMakeMe).

The Site Editor allows our customers to quickly and easily do their day-to-day content edits with ease. Changes can be made in a few clicks in less than thirty seconds. More involved content or design changes are handled by within the service package. The service even keeps all your content in sync between mobile and widescreen sites, and handles all of the formatting for you. You can just focus on your content.

A simplified name

The "Site Editor" is the new name for what used to be called iMakeMe. If you have any custom iMakeMe web apps, these will now be simply referred to as "Web Apps" and will continue to work just as they do today. We believe this change delivers better clarity of purpose. The iMakeMe name is essentially a legacy left over from years ago when the tool was aimed at individuals. iMakeMe has evolved and became a business tool but its name remained – until now!

A new look

The new Site Editor has been overhauled with a more modern, simpler design that falls in line with's new branding.

Huge performance increases

The new Site Editor intelligently manages, delivers, monitors and secures websites that are built and serviced by

We are pleased to say that websites built on this new system will perform at least 10x faster than before. Existing sites will also see this benefit over time as they are upgraded in coming months.

Coupled with's awesome dedicated server hosting, the new changes will mean that sites will load faster than ever and will be able to handle far more traffic.

Better compatibility

The new Site Editor has been improved to work better with a broader range of modern browsers to improve accessibility.

Please note that some older browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and prior will no longer be supported. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version (currently version 11) or try an alternative such as Mozilla Firefox.

Don't worry – it's all still there

You will likely be pleased to know that the new Site Editor has been designed to operate almost identically to its predecessor so you won't have to learn new tricks.

An easier way to find your stuff

If you haven't found it already – the site has a new Client area. Just visit our website at and tap the Client area tile on the home page. You can also go straight there by going to

In the Client area you can get quick access to your services, such as Microsoft Office 365, standard email, web apps and more.

Whilst the old addresses for the web apps and the Site Editor (iMakeMe) will still work perfectly well, you can now quickly access these by visiting

How to How to?

The new Client area also includes a new "How to…" section. If certain questions come up regularly we will document the solution and add it to this section. Currently there are documents on how to use the Site Editor, configure email and more.

Need any help?

We hope you will love the new changes at Of course as ever if you have any queries or need assistance, do email or call us on 01296 252 010.

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