The new .uk internet domain has arrived

Nominet – the authority of all internet domain names ending in .uk have today launched the new shorter .uk name. Previously it has only been possible to take a name ending in, or

Should I register or reserve a .uk domain name?

There are many who advocate having as many domain names as possible to capture more traffic and visits. Whilst it helps to have effective keywords in a domain name, what is far more important is the content behind those addresses. If content is irrelevant, poor quality or simply lacking, no number of domain names will deliver success on search engines.

You might simply want to register the .uk domain so that no-one else does. The good news is that to prevent folks from hijacking the .uk name of existing addresses, all those with any existing Nominet name such as a or will automatically have the .uk name reserved for free until June 2019 after which time it will be offered to everyone. If you already share your .uk name with another organisation you should use the Nominet rights lookup tool to find out more. For example, you may be sharing with a charity that is at

Finally, you may wish to register your .uk domain simply to offer a cleaner, shorter and simpler address for your visitors to use. The address will particularly look better in print than its longer counterpart. However, since many now find by search rather than tapping in full web addresses, this is not as important as it once was.

We suggest that there is no urgency for anyone to rush out and register their .uk domain, but if you have new domains to register for new businesses or projects then you should certainly consider the new shorter .uk domain as a possibility.

Find out more

Nominet have created a dedicated site that is very clearly laid out and explains the new additions and answers many questions. You can visit that site at:

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