Microsoft 365 update July 2020 for iBizify customers

New password reset facility

We have set up a “self-service password reset” facility on all our customer’s Microsoft 365 services (a few had it already).

This means that if you ever find yourself locked out perhaps due to a forgotten password, you can now reset your password at, without needing to contact iBizify.

To make sure this is ready for use, please log in to using your Microsoft 365 credentials.  If you are prompted to enter and verify a mobile number and alternative email address, please do so.  This information will then be used to contact you should you find yourself locked out of your account.  It won’t be used for any other purposes.

If you need any assistance getting this set up do get in touch.

We’ve increased the security of your Microsoft 365 service

iBizify regularly performs an internal security audit on its own and third-party systems that its customers depend upon.

We are always keeping up to date with the latest threat landscape and making relevant improvements to the security policies we apply to our own information systems as well as those of our managed client’s.

iBizify’s security policies always meet or exceed the baselines that Microsoft define – which are also updated regularly.

For example, we recently implemented a policy to disable by default “integrated apps” within our client’s Microsoft 365 systems, because this feature was being readily used as a mechanism to trick end user’s into granting access to their systems via rather convincing “phishing” emails.  We noted that almost all our clients were not using this functionality, so we disabled it to thwart this attack.

Whilst we carefully consider the policy changes we make to avoid significant impact on usage or convenience of the affected services, sometimes these adjustments might not suit you.  If you find yourself missing required functionality then do get in touch to discuss this.

A reminder of our privacy and data handling statement

All the changes we make are made within the scope of iBizify’s data handling and privacy statement, as well as any additional agreements you have made with iBizify.

To see the latest statement please see here:

If you have any concerns please do contact us.

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