New computer support services from is pleased to announce a range of new IT support products for you and your business. With over twenty years’ experience can help you and your business with all of your computing, IT and mobile device needs. We happily support Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad and other platforms.


Ad-hoc remote support available on a simple, “pay-as-you-go” basis at £40 per incident. It has no long-term contract or odd terms or conditions.


One annual fee provides support for all of your personal devices (PC, tablets, smartphones). Priced from just £60 per person, per month, including an annual computer service.


Computer running slowly or crashing? Odd messages or unexpected pop-ups? Perhaps you would like the peace of mind of knowing that your computer is virus-free, secure and running as best as it can be.

A full service costs from £120. It includes system testing, malware removal, software updates, security check, storage and performance optimisation, secure backup, external clean and grease/dust-resistant treatment, full report including advisory.

An express service costs £80. It is performed remotely and excludes hardware and memory tests, deep virus scanning and external cleaning.


Make your electronic devices clean, hygienic and looking new again!

Full clean £50. Professional internal and external device clean including screen, keyboard and pointing device where supplied. Clean all ports and drives. Treat with invisible grease- and dust-resistant formula.

Express clean £20. External device clean including screen and keyboard where available. Treat with invisible grease- and dust-resistant formula.

Repair and upgrades

Specialising in the repair of desktop and laptop PCs, we can repair and upgrade a wide range of electronic devices. can repair screens, keyboards, hard drives / storage, and provide memory (RAM) upgrades, data recovery and more.

We do not currently repair shattered mobile phone or tablet displays.

Business services

We help small and mid-size businesses to be more productive, save money, and become more efficient, allowing your business to make the most of existing investments and plan for the future.

Consultation, planning, reporting, migration, conversion, Microsoft Office 365, training, demonstration, support and more.

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