New features for Web Platform customers

It’s been a year since the last major Web Platform update.  Last year’s update was a mammoth upgrade and we hope you are continuing to enjoy the many benefits of’s web services that are included in your single low-cost annual subscription.  Want a reminder of all that good stuff?  Visit

We are pleased today to announce the availability of version four of the Web Platform (formally iMakeMe).  The Web Platform powers your website 24/7 ensuring your customers receive the experience they deserve.

The new release of the software has been completely re-written from the ground up using modern technologies and techniques that deliver numerous benefits:

Social sharing and blogging tools

Previously, as one added new news items, older ones would be pushed further down into history.  One could only visit or share the single “news page” and see a view of new to old items.

With this new release, each news item has available its own permanent link which can be used on third-party sites or marketing materials – taking your visitor directly to that content without having to find it in the list no matter how old it becomes.

Additionally each item has a set of social network sharing buttons to allow you and your visitors to easily share that content to their favourite networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Digg, etc.

For an example of this in action, visit which is powered by the latest Web Platform.

A news item on Waddesdon Hall's with social sharing enabled

This may be the single most noticeable change on your website following the upgrade.  For this reason, we are offering every Web Platform customer a free one-to-one online meeting to demonstrate how to make best use of these features.  If you would like to register for this, please get in touch to book your slot,

Improved intrusion, security, form spam prevention, error handling and more

The Web Platform has always monitored every website for unusual usage behaviour, intrusion detection and recording if, when and how things go wrong.  If even one of your customers is having a technical problem with your site, reports are generated and handled by if required.

Form spam protection – when “junk” is sent automatically via your site’s contact form - prevents unsolicited messages from making their way to your inbox.  This is all done without annoying “CAPTCHA type in the code” or silly questions being asked of your customer.

This new release improves all of the above features by using intelligence from all sites together to improve the detection rates overall.  Previously, each site used only their own data, so spam to one site would not necessarily be prevented on another.

Please note that the previous manual monthly testing process has now ceased.  As technology has improved and we have had over a year of experiencing no manual failures this process has been deemed unnecessary.  However, rest assured that in addition to the above measures, there are numerous external testing processes that happen every fifteen minutes from numerous locations around the world to detect any problems.  Your site is safe with!

Automatic updates

All sites now run on one central code-base.  This means that future updates will be delivered to your site more quickly.  Any bug fixes or new features will be delivered to all customers simultaneously.  Previously each site was upgraded individually.

And more!

  • Vastly improved site performance
  • Improved support for a wider range of web browsers
  • Support for Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Support for the production and editing of user-defined tables within content

How do I get the upgrade?

If you are an Web Platform (iMakeMe) customer - you don’t need to do anything.  This is all provided as part of your subscription service.

Whilst this new release introduces automatic updates, the upgrade to this new release will be a manual one.  Each site will be upgraded in a phased manner and we will get in touch with you once the process is complete.  If you have any questions that would also be an ideal time to raise them.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

You may consider it time to review your website.  Perhaps you’d like to add new features or have a redesign.  With the Web Platform, your site is not limited to content-only.  You may want to introduce registration or customer information management for example.  The possibilities are endless.

Do get in touch to have a chat about the possibilities or with any queries you may have.
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