Get up to £300 IT support for free this November only

iBizify service units can be used for IT support, consultancy, research, planning, training, integration, development, repairs, upgrades, documentation and much more.

Only until the end of November 2021 you can receive up to £300 worth of free service units. Ten-unit service packs are £510 each excluding VAT. Buy 1 to 4 ten-packs and receive up to 6 extra units - free of charge! The more packs you buy, the more free units you will receive.

Buy 1 Get 11 units 1 free
Buy 2 Get 22 units 2 free
Buy 3 Get 34 units 4 free - Great value
Buy 4 Get 46 units 6 free - Best value

Service units have no expiry date, so you can top up with this offer and use them as you need over coming months - or years!

How much could you save?

  • You CAN USE your existing discounts in conjunction with this offer! 😮
  • Premium or Priority subscribers can take their usual 20% off 😮
  • If your account has attained any loyalty or legacy discounts, you can apply these too! 😮

The terms

  • Offer valid until the end of 30/11/2021
  • Must be placed in a single purchase order
  • Can be redeemed only once per organisation

Service units can be flexibly used either on-site or remotely on an hourly basis.  A service unit typically represents one hour of work. Some work such as web content updates use 0.5 units per hour. Other use such as software development or analytics use 1.5 units per hour. 

Act now to avail this offer before the end of November 21

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