Site Editor update Oct 2018

We are pleased to announce a major update to the iBizify Site Editor.

New look, faster, less clicks, do more!

Given a more modern look, the latest Site Editor has been updated to get you where you want to be in less time with less clicks.

  • Starts up faster than ever before
  • Stuff you use less has been moved out of the way
  • Less clicks do get things done
  • Clearer navigation controls

New login screen provides instant access to password reset and support call-back

New content editor with Autosave

The upgraded content editor has cleaner controls, a full menu system, improved image management and more.

Content is now saved as you type.  You no longer need to worry about losing your work if you get distracted.  Just type away, and tap "done" when you are finished.

Add new pages

All iBizify sites that support the Site Editor now support “My Pages” where you can create directly-linkable pages for your news, product campaigns or anything else you can think of!

Edit site sections

Modern iBizify sites now have “My Sections” where you can create your own site sections, change their order, apply custom pages, change icons and more.

Upload media

Whilst you could always embed images and other content from third-party sources, you can now upload any number of images to your site, to include in your content.  This also improves the performance of your site.

Deep linking

Custom pages, blog / news posts and more now all support “deep linking”.  This means that content you create will automatically have a direct link (a web address) applied.  This improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) since search engines can individually index your content, and provide searchers a direct route to what is of interest to them.

For example, you may have a team page with a bio for each member.  That team page might be:  With deep linking, not only would visitors be able to see all the team members at the /myteam page, but each member would also have their own page.  For example:

Another example may be a product page, such as  Deep linking would render each product on that page its own link.  For example:

Delete stuff

Top user request!

Whilst you have always been able to hide content from your website, you can now delete content altogether.  Happy Housekeeping!

Get connected, stay connected

Top user request!

You can now automatically stay logged-in for longer.  Spend less time logging in and more time editing.

Modern accounts can now log-in using their email address instead of an easily forgotten username.

And some!

There is more to come.  The release after this release – is already under way.  Watch this space!

You can expect to see these new features arrive before the end of September.  Please note that all features may not be available on all sites, particularly older ones.  Some may be upgradable.

Be in the know

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