Some important changes

Due to an increase in demand, we are making some significant changes which will take effect on 1st September.

  1. It will no longer be possible to call us directly without a Premium subscription. It will be possible to leave a voicemail, and to schedule a call back via
  2. The WhatsApp facility to 01296 252 010 (the main number) will no longer be available

Why are we making these changes?

We appreciate this might seem like a backward step to some.  However, we believe that scheduling a call in advance – in most cases – will result in customers being able to actually talk to us sooner than if we instead play “phone tag” (calling back and forth in the hope that the other is available).

It’s very important to us that those who are paying for our time do indeed get our undivided attention, and get the level of service they expect and deserve.  We no longer feel just having a human answer the phone who can’t actually help (i.e. a call centre) – is a better solution than call scheduling.

We have been using call scheduling for some time now and found that most customers appreciate knowing in advance when their call will be, and that it will happen at a convenient time.

What about urgent support requests?

If you are likely to need urgent support, we recommend signing up for iBizify Premium.  With this service, you will get a dedicated phone number answerable during extended hours, WhatsApp messaging, and priority booking.

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