Will your .uk internet domain be available to others on 25th June?

You might have heard in the news that Nominet are releasing all unregistered .UK domains to the public on 1st July.  iBizify first discussed this back in June 2014 when we also noted the deadline of June 2019.  In what seems like five minutes – five years have passed and here we are in May 2019.  The release date is 25th June this year.

Nominet are the authority of all domains ending in .uk, such as those ending in .co.uk, org.uk.  If your web address or email address ends in .co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk, etc. then it is likely you own a Nominet domain.

For example, if your domain is yourcompany.co.uk, then yourcompany.uk is reserved for you.  After 25th June, yourcompany.uk will be available to anyone to buy – without necessarily needing to have any special rights to your name.

Should I buy my .uk domain name?

For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There are many who advocate having as many domain names as possible to capture more traffic and visits. Whilst it helps to have effective keywords in a domain name, what is far more important is the content behind those addresses. If content is irrelevant, poor quality or simply lacking, no number of domain names will deliver success on search engines.  In any case, these days, most people find sites through search rather than by directly entering a domain name.

For competitive reasons

We believe a better reason to get your .uk domain is so no-one else does.  Whether that matters to you depends a lot on the “size” of your brand and numerous competitive considerations.  For many small businesses, having an additional .uk domain would not create a significant competitive advantage.

To have a shorter internet name

Finally, you may wish to register your .uk domain simply to offer a cleaner, shorter, and simpler address for your visitors to use. The address will particularly look better in print than its longer counterpart.  It will be more pleasant to type into the “To” box of a new email!  If you went ahead with this, you’d need to consider changing your primary domain, or at least redirecting email and web traffic.

Find out more

Nominet have created a dedicated site that is very clearly laid out and explains the new additions and answers many questions. You can visit that site at:

Find out the status of your .uk domain by using the Nominet rights lookup tool at:

Need help?

iBizify.net offer a range of domain management, web design, hosting and cloud services.  We can purchase and set up your domain on your behalf (in your name), arrange redirection and other configuration – handling all the technicalities on your behalf.  If you'd like to find out what can be achieved, then please book a call back.

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