Get up to £300 IT support for free this November only

iBizify service units can be used for IT support, consultancy, research, planning, training, integration, development, repairs, upgrades, documentation and much more.

Only until the end of November 2021 you can receive up to £300 worth of free service units. Ten-unit service packs are £510 each excluding VAT. Buy 1 to 4 ten-packs and receive up to 6 extra units - free of charge! The more packs you buy, the more free units you will receive.

Buy 1 Get 11 units 1 free
Buy 2 Get 22 units 2 free
Buy 3 Get 34 units 4 free - Great value
Buy 4 Get 46 units 6 free - Best value

Service units have no expiry date, so you can top up with this offer and use them as you need over coming months - or years!

How much could you save?

  • You CAN USE your existing discounts in conjunction with this offer! 😮
  • Premium or Priority subscribers can take their usual 20% off 😮
  • If your account has attained any loyalty or legacy discounts, you can apply these too! 😮

The terms

  • Offer valid until the end of 30/11/2021
  • Must be placed in a single purchase order
  • Can be redeemed only once per organisation

Service units can be flexibly used either on-site or remotely on an hourly basis.  A service unit typically represents one hour of work. Some work such as web content updates use 0.5 units per hour. Other use such as software development or analytics use 1.5 units per hour. 

Act now to avail this offer before the end of November 21

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We have a new logo

Out with the old and on with the new...

This iBizify is simpler, bolder and more rounded than the old one.

We have moved

We completed our move to Claydon House in Aylesbury recently - a new workspace to increase productivity, create a professional meeting environment, a bit more desk space, and room to grow.  We are very pleased with the results.

Conveniently, our office address now matches what has always been our postal address.  You can find our location on Google of course.

Development and consultancy hours - simplified

We've simplified our pricing structure for development and consultancy services.

Previously only usable for technical support, service packs can now also be used for software / web development, consultancy / technical writing, and reports.

We simply apply a 1.5 multiplier.  For example: 2 hours of development would use 3 units; 5 hours would use 7.5 units.

This means it’s now really easy to purchase one or two ten-packs and use them for a variety of projects and support all through one simple billing process.

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iBizify Remote – your office anywhere

iBizify Remote allows you to connect to your Mac or Windows PC desktop from anywhere, providing a familiar environment with access to all the applications and services you need to be productive anywhere.  Work at the office – from home – on your Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone.

Remote costs just £12 + VAT (£14.40) per desktop, per calendar month.  Premium subscribers can get 20% off this price.

About Remote

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The easy way to make your computer much faster from just £125

Does your computer take more than five or ten seconds to start up from a complete shutdown?  Does it take a while to get the applications you want running?  If so, it’s likely that your PC or Mac is not using a Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Most older computers use a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which are a slow mainly because they employ moving parts.  This results in sluggish performance, especially when firing up the operating system or starting applications.

The great news is that quality SSDs are now cheaper than ever, and that most computers can be upgraded to make use of one.

iBizify is pleased to offer an upgrade service which simply returns your PC or Mac exactly as it was before – just a lot faster!  The service includes:

  • Supply of a Crucial MX500 SSD drive
  • A full “image” backup of your existing drive – including your operating system, software, and files
  • The physical removal of your old drive, and installation its replacement
  • A full restore of all your stuff onto the new drive
  • Optimising and testing

What capacity should I choose?

Firstly, choose as much as you can get for what you are willing to spend.

Secondly, see how much you are using now, then add at least 300 GB for breathing space.  However, if your drive is full of things you don’t need – then a clear-out could save you money.

To check how much you are currently using:

On Windows: Open File Explorer, go to This PC.  Under drive C:, take the free GB away from the capacity noted under the drive label.  In this example, 144 GB is used.

On a Mac: Open the Apple menu (top left), then About this Mac, click the Storage tab.  Take the available GB away from the capacity noted under the drive icon.  In this example, 147 GB is used.

How much does it cost?


500 GB

1 TB (1,000 GB)

2 TB (2,000 GB)





Prices include the replacement hardware.  They don’t include collection, delivery, or VAT.

How long does it take?

Scheduled ahead of time, an SSD upgrade is typically turned around on the same day.  Collection and delivery time should be factored in.

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What to look for in a PC for your small business

When you need to get a new computer for your business in a hurry, it can be tempting to grab a cheap deal from a local store or from the top of Google.  After all, many devices look alike – they have screens, keyboards, more or less features.  However, what you buy and how much you spend will dictate a great deal about the experience you get with that device months or years after the purchase.  Here we discuss what to look for in a business PC and how to avoid pain later.

This article assumes you are looking for a Windows-based PC for general, everyday use.  If you use specialist or particularly demanding software you should consult the vendor to ensure the specifications are appropriate.  We discuss Apple Macs below.  Call us for advice if you are uncertain.

How much should I spend?

The short answer is as much as you can or want to.  A more helpful question is “what is the minimum I should spend?” because this is where things go wrong.  There is a wealth of low-end PCs available.  Many of which look great from the outside, often the same or better-looking than their more expensive counterparts.  We’ll discuss this more below, but in the meantime, here is a rough guide based on 2018 laptops:

Minimum spend for a sensible business laptop: £350 - £400 + VAT

Recommended spend for a business laptop: > £550 - £750 + VAT

Minimum spend for “luxury”, a convertible or more powerful laptop: > £1,200 ++