Site Editor update Oct 2018

We are pleased to announce a major update to the iBizify Site Editor.

New look, faster, less clicks, do more!

Given a more modern look, the latest Site Editor has been updated to get you where you want to be in less time with less clicks.

  • Starts up faster than ever before
  • Stuff you use less has been moved out of the way
  • Less clicks do get things done
  • Clearer navigation controls

New login screen provides instant access to password reset and support call-back

New content editor with Autosave

The upgraded content editor has cleaner controls, a full menu system, improved image management and more.

Content is now saved as you type.  You no longer need to worry about losing your work if you get distracted.  Just type away, and tap "done" when you are finished.

Add new pages

All iBizify sites that support the Site Editor now support “My Pages” where you can create directly-linkable pages for your news, product campaigns or anything else you can think of!

Edit site sections

Modern iBizify sites now have “My Sections” where you can create your own site sections, change their order, apply custom pages, change icons and more.

Upload media

Whilst you could always embed images and other content from third-party sources, you can now upload any number of images to your site, to include in your content.  This also improves the performance of your site.

Deep linking

Custom pages, blog / news posts and more now all support “deep linking”.  This means that content you create will automatically have a direct link (a web address) applied.  This improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) since search engines can individually index your content, and provide searchers a direct route to what is of interest to them.

For example, you may have a team page with a bio for each member.  That team page might be:  With deep linking, not only would visitors be able to see all the team members at the /myteam page, but each member would also have their own page.  For example:

Another example may be a product page, such as  Deep linking would render each product on that page its own link.  For example:

Delete stuff

Top user request!

Whilst you have always been able to hide content from your website, you can now delete content altogether.  Happy Housekeeping!

Get connected, stay connected

Top user request!

You can now automatically stay logged-in for longer.  Spend less time logging in and more time editing.

Modern accounts can now log-in using their email address instead of an easily forgotten username.

And some!

There is more to come.  The release after this release – is already under way.  Watch this space!

You can expect to see these new features arrive before the end of September.  Please note that all features may not be available on all sites, particularly older ones.  Some may be upgradable.

Be in the know

We are offering free remote training for one representative of each customer until Christmas 2018.  To register your place please contact us.

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Promote+ - Is your business present online? Is your website up to date?

iBizify Promote+

Often with the best will in the world, as a small business it can be difficult to keep our businesses active and alive in the places our clients expect to find us.

Keeping websites and social media up to date with engaging content, being on the right networks at the right time, and engaging with our audiences can be tough.

Promote+ online presence marketing is a new service available on a monthly subscription-basis.  From just £120 per month, iBizify will work with you to create fresh content, update your website, work your social networks, and engage with your audience on your behalf.

We will identify sales leads, share communications, and produce measurable results.

This package has no long-term commitment and can be cancelled at any time.  Any content or social network pages created will continue to be yours.  With predictable costs, it is also scalable as your business grows.

Find out more

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New stuff!

New phone numbers

iBizify’s main phone number is now 01296 252 010.  To facilitate some new and upcoming services, we needed to get a few new phone numbers.  But don’t worry, the old 410 007 number will continue to work for the foreseeable future.  If you have a regular contact at iBizify, please do note their direct number for the most efficient experience!

You can also WhatsApp us on 01296 252 010 at any time.  Of course, you can also continue to contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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New payment methods

iBizify now accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Direct Debit.  Of course, we continue to accept bank transfers.

There are now NO FEES for card payments.

Nearly all subscription products can now be paid for MONTHLY by Direct Debit.  If you are currently paying discounted annual fees and would like to pay monthly, please contact us.

Direct Debit payments by GoCardless Card payments by Stripe

Book services online

It is now possible to book various iBizify services online, with more services being added in time.  Currently you can arrange a free scheduled call back, book support sessions, and remote computer services.

Visit our website or go directly to

Try it now!

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Save up to £120 with new support packs

iBizify can support all of your devices (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones) on a “pay-as-you-go” basis either on-site or remotely on an hourly basis at £40 ph (excluding VAT) in addition to call-out fees.

New support packs offer additional savings and are valid for up to twelve months:

  • Support/Pack/5 (five hours), £160
  • Support/Pack/10 (ten hours including one local call-out), £300

Prices exclude VAT

* A local call-out is defined as being less than ten miles from Aylesbury, Bucks

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Apple repairing faulty keyboards free-of-charge

If you have an eligible MacBook model from 2015 onwards and have experienced the “sticky keys” issue, then you are in luck!  Due to demand, Apple is now offering to repair eligible units free of charge.  Those who have already paid to resolve this issue, may be eligible for a refund.

To find out more about the procedure, follow this link: happily supports Apple products, PCs based on Windows and Linux, and all manner of mobile devices.  If you need assistance or have been told your issue cannot be resolved – contact iBizify for a solution.

Initial report of outage: 31/05/2018 - 01/06/2018

We are sorry to report that the service provider upon which iBizify’s web services are dependant experienced severe service issues.

What was affected?

This affected delivery of most of iBizify’s web services including:

  • Web sites and web apps on the iBizify Web Platform
  • Custom web sites hosted by iBizify
  • Site Editor and tools

This outage DID NOT AFFECT most products served by Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Office 365.

Some iBizify customers using Microsoft Exchange Online email service did not receive incoming email during the outage due to an issue routing mail (also related to this outage). Incoming email sent during this period will mostly have been queued and redelivered upon service resumption, others may have had a "non delivery report" returned to the sender. Outgoing email was not affected.

What happened?

This is an extremely rare and unusual scenario, in as much as both the primary and backup fibre routes to the datacentre which houses iBizify’s servers were severed by works carried out in remote fields in Wales. iBizify have been using this service for over twenty years, and such an event has happened only twice in that time. Still, we will be investigating the event and considering our options in due course.

What did we do about it?

iBizify’s automated monitoring system meant that iBizify was amongst the first to raise the issue, which began at 2047 on 31st May.

We continued to monitor the situation at least every thirty minutes until it was resolved, and reported the latest significant news here and on Twitter. We created and activated this website upon the Microsoft Azure platform (not affected by the outage) as an alternative update medium. We sent out numerous emails to keep everyone updated. For those we suspected may have email issues, they were contacted directly either by phone or WhatsApp.

Services resumed around 1330 on 01/06 due to a temporary fix put in place by the provider.  By 1749 all services were confirmed to be fully operational.

We await the formal report from the provider which we will analyse, review and consider for future.

If you’d like the details from the provider, regarding what happened and when, it can be found here:

Update 06/06/2018: Hosting UK's initial thoughts on their recent 31/05-01/06 outage Formal report to follow later.

We are very sorry for the inevitable inconvenience this issue caused.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us

Need help with your computer, mobile or tablet?

The queryious man

Need computer assistance? Without preamble,’s ConnectRemote support means you can call 01296 252 010 during office hours (0900 to 1730 Monday to Friday) with your card details to hand, and from just £40 per incident (excludes VAT) they will connect to your device remotely and resolve your issue.

Need more? ConnectPremium support covers all your devices and includes extended hours, remote monitoring, and annual servicing.

We happily support Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone/Mobile.

Find out more: Web Service upgrade

We are pleased to announce that's web services have been upgraded! This release provides improved performance along with numerous bug fixes.

The previously reported issue with site content occasionally not being immediately updated following changes made in the Site Editor has now been resolved.

Did you know?

If your website already has a blog or news page feature,'s Web Platform now has a new facility to surface your latest headlines to your home page. This allows your visitors to immediately see what is happening with your business as soon as they arrive - and to click directly through to anything that may interest them. If you'd like this feature added to your site and you are subscribed to's annual standard web service, then this can be added to your site at no additional cost. Please get in touch.

New computer support services from is pleased to announce a range of new IT support products for you and your business. With over twenty years’ experience can help you and your business with all of your computing, IT and mobile device needs. We happily support Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad and other platforms.


Ad-hoc remote support available on a simple, “pay-as-you-go” basis at £40 per incident. It has no long-term contract or odd terms or conditions.


One annual fee provides support for all of your personal devices (PC, tablets, smartphones). Priced from just £60 per person, per month, including an annual computer service.


Computer running slowly or crashing? Odd messages or unexpected pop-ups? Perhaps you would like the peace of mind of knowing that your computer is virus-free, secure and running as best as it can be.

A full service costs from £120. It includes system testing, malware removal, software updates, security check, storage and performance optimisation, secure backup, external clean and grease/dust-resistant treatment, full report including advisory.

An express service costs £80. It is performed remotely and excludes hardware and memory tests, deep virus scanning and external cleaning.


Make your electronic devices clean, hygienic and looking new again!

Full clean £50. Professional internal and external device clean including screen, keyboard and pointing device where supplied. Clean all ports and drives. Treat with invisible grease- and dust-resistant formula.

Express clean £20. External device clean including screen and keyboard where available. Treat with invisible grease- and dust-resistant formula.

Repair and upgrades

Specialising in the repair of desktop and laptop PCs, we can repair and upgrade a wide range of electronic devices. can repair screens, keyboards, hard drives / storage, and provide memory (RAM) upgrades, data recovery and more.

We do not currently repair shattered mobile phone or tablet displays.

Business services

We help small and mid-size businesses to be more productive, save money, and become more efficient, allowing your business to make the most of existing investments and plan for the future.

Consultation, planning, reporting, migration, conversion, Microsoft Office 365, training, demonstration, support and more.