The easy way to make your computer much faster from just £120

Does your computer take more than five or ten seconds to start up from a complete shutdown?  Does it take a while to get the applications you want running?  If so, it’s likely that your PC or Mac is not using a Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Most older computers use a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which are a slow mainly because they employ moving parts.  This results in sluggish performance, especially when firing up the operating system or starting applications.

The great news is that quality SSDs are now cheaper than ever, and that most computers can be upgraded to make use of one.

iBizify is pleased to offer an upgrade service which simply returns your PC or Mac exactly as it was before – just a lot faster!  The service includes:

  • Supply of a Crucial MX500 SSD drive
  • A full “image” backup of your existing drive – including your operating system, software, and files
  • The physical removal of your old drive, and installation its replacement
  • A full restore of all your stuff onto the new drive
  • Optimising and testing

What capacity should I choose?

Firstly, choose as much as you can get for what you are willing to spend.

Secondly, see how much you are using now, then add at least 300 GB for breathing space.  However, if your drive is full of things you don’t need – then a clear-out could save you money.

To check how much you are currently using:

On Windows: Open File Explorer, go to This PC.  Under drive C:, take the free GB away from the capacity noted under the drive label.  In this example, 144 GB is used.

On a Mac: Open the Apple menu (top left), then About this Mac, click the Storage tab.  Take the available GB away from the capacity noted under the drive icon.  In this example, 147 GB is used.

How much does it cost?


500 GB

1 TB (1,000 GB)

2 TB (2,000 GB)





Prices include the replacement hardware.  They don’t include collection, delivery, or VAT.

How long does it take?

Scheduled ahead of time, an SSD upgrade is typically turned around on the same day.  Collection and delivery time should be factored in.

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Will your .uk internet domain be available to others on 25th June?

You might have heard in the news that Nominet are releasing all unregistered .UK domains to the public on 1st July.  iBizify first discussed this back in June 2014 when we also noted the deadline of June 2019.  In what seems like five minutes – five years have passed and here we are in May 2019.  The release date is 25th June this year.

Nominet are the authority of all domains ending in .uk, such as those ending in,  If your web address or email address ends in,,, etc. then it is likely you own a Nominet domain.

For example, if your domain is, then is reserved for you.  After 25th June, will be available to anyone to buy – without necessarily needing to have any special rights to your name.

Should I buy my .uk domain name?

For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There are many who advocate having as many domain names as possible to capture more traffic and visits. Whilst it helps to have effective keywords in a domain name, what is far more important is the content behind those addresses. If content is irrelevant, poor quality or simply lacking, no number of domain names will deliver success on search engines.  In any case, these days, most people find sites through search rather than by directly entering a domain name.

For competitive reasons

We believe a better reason to get your .uk domain is so no-one else does.  Whether that matters to you depends a lot on the “size” of your brand and numerous competitive considerations.  For many small businesses, having an additional .uk domain would not create a significant competitive advantage.

To have a shorter internet name

Finally, you may wish to register your .uk domain simply to offer a cleaner, shorter, and simpler address for your visitors to use. The address will particularly look better in print than its longer counterpart.  It will be more pleasant to type into the “To” box of a new email!  If you went ahead with this, you’d need to consider changing your primary domain, or at least redirecting email and web traffic.

Find out more

Nominet have created a dedicated site that is very clearly laid out and explains the new additions and answers many questions. You can visit that site at:

Find out the status of your .uk domain by using the Nominet rights lookup tool at:

Need help? offer a range of domain management, web design, hosting and cloud services.  We can purchase and set up your domain on your behalf (in your name), arrange redirection and other configuration – handling all the technicalities on your behalf.  If you'd like to find out what can be achieved, then please book a call back.

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Steve's raised £685 for Marie Curie so far - can you help make it more? Marathon in one week!

Steve - iBizify Director - wants to say thank you so much to everyone who has helped him raise money for Marie Curie by sponsoring him on his marathon run on 6th May.  With your generosity he has now raised a whopping £685.  This will go to helping families in their greatest time of need, providing nursing support at home to those with terminal illness – a highly valuable and essential service. 

£685 raised

"I am overwhelmed by the support and kind words – and the very generous anonymous donations too – thank you – whoever you are!!"

- Steve Munden

It’s not too late to donate! If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation.

See more updates on Steve's training on his personal blog:

32k, heat, teddy bears, and sugar pills

One week to go

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Steve's marathon update: 23km fuel, tyres, and heat

Steve Munden – iBizify Director – is in training for his first marathon in May.  He has posted an update on his blog about the challenges of running in the heat, and answers a few questions.  You can read about it here:

Learn more on Steve's personal blog

We’d be very grateful if you could sponsor him any amount large or small to support the Marie Curie charity.  Thank you in advance!

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Raising funds for Marie Curie – Steve’s marathon

Steve Munden – iBizify Director – is now training for his first marathon – the Rightmove MK Marathon Weekend in Milton Keynes – on 5th and 6th May 2019.  On the 5th is a 5km (3 mile) run, and on the 6th is a full marathon (42km / 26 miles) – a total of 47km / 29 miles in one weekend.  His primary marathon goal is to reach the finish line – his secondary is to complete it in 4.5 hours or less.

He is running this marathon in memory of his late mother- and father-in law Fred & Joan Shanks.

We’d be very grateful if you could sponsor him any amount large or small to support the Marie Curie charity.  Thank you in advance!

Learn more on Steve's personal blog

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How not to break Windows with Updates (March 2019 update)

This article was originally posted in October 2018, then updated in March 2019.

If you’re running Windows 10 on your PC, you might have heard about the October 2018 update (1809).

The updates features included:

  • Improved visuals and a more unified look, including a “Dark Mode” for the File Explorer app
  • Your Phone app – to make it easier to transfer photos and interact with messages on your phone (mostly Android only, for now)
  • Clipboard history and cloud sync – maintain your copied content across Windows 10 devices
  • Improved search, screen clipping and accessibility tools

This is just a small number of the many feature updates.  More importantly however, it includes a range of fixes, performance updates and a wealth of usability and security improvements.

Unfortunately, this update was not a smooth one and was recalled several times.  It was for this reason that late last year iBizify recommended holding on to the older Windows 10 1803 until issues were resolved.

As of February / March iBizify now recommends going ahead with the upgrade, since we have not heard of any further recent issues for business users, and have performed successful upgrades across many devices.  Furthermore, the next major Windows 10 update is due in the next few months.

However, as with any significant operating system upgrade, we recommend careful preparation.  Here we discuss how to handle Windows 10 updates while keeping your PC up and running.

Should I install Windows 10 1809?

The short answer is yes – definitely. Windows 10 is constantly updated and without updating your PC will eventually be left behind.

How should I prepare for the update?

Be sure you have a full backup of all your data (if not your entire PC!) before you install the update. If something goes wrong, you can then roll back or restore your device.

When should I install it?

Officially released in November 2018, plenty of time has passed to resolve the majority of upgrade issues identified with Windows 10 1809.  iBizify recommends installing it now, especially before the Spring 2019 update is launched.

Major Windows 10 updates are now released twice a year.  Just like the April 2018 update – this is a major update. Whilst many improvements have been made to speed up the upgrade process, the update will take time to download, time to install and will make a lot of changes to your device.  Depending on your device, it could be offline for anything from ten minutes to an hour.

Unlike weekly or monthly updates that we suggest installing right away, we recommend picking the right time to install major updates – perhaps at the end of a Friday or whatever time you won’t need your PC for a while.

My PC is critical to my business. What if the update breaks something?

If your PC plays a critical role within your business, you may wish to consider installing Windows 10 1809 before then delaying the Spring 2019 that follows.

To do this, you need to be running Windows Professional or Enterprise (one of the many reasons doesn’t recommend using Home or Student software for business use).

Once you have upgraded to Windows 10 1809, you can delay the Spring 2019 update by:

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options
  2. Under “Choose when updates are installed”, select “Semi-Annual Channel
  3. Under “A feature update…can be deferred for this many days:” choose 90.

This will mean that your PC will only receive updates three months after the release is considered ready for widespread use in a business setting.

If you have Windows Home and are using it for business use, we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 Professional.  It’s a small price to pay for business continuity.

Extra tip: pausing regular updates

If you are going on a business trip, have an intensive week, or otherwise really don’t want the worry of software installations and reboots you can temporarily pause Windows Updates.

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options
  2. Click the toggle button under “Pause updates”

A pause is limited to 35 days.  In any case for your computer’s safety you should absolutely not leave this switched on permanently.  iBizify recommends not using this option for more than 10 days at a time.

Like feature update delaying, the update pause option is only available in Windows Professional or Enterprise edition.  The good news is that after the Spring 2019 update, the pause option will be available to everyone.

Need more help?

If you’d like help with backups, configuration, upgrades, or other assistance then iBizify can help.  ConnectRemote support sessions start at just £40 + VAT and can be used for just about anything — not just ‘break/fix’ but also ‘how-to’ and training.

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NEW! ConnectPremium Flex: 7 day always-on IT support without the outlay or commitment

iBizify is excited to announce ConnectPremium Flex.  Designed for individuals and small teams, ConnectPremium Flex melds the best features of long-term support packages, with the convenience of a “pay-as-you-go” solution.

One low monthly fee ensures you’re always connected to support when you need it – seven days a week.  Direct support is charged per session, so you only pay for what you use.

If you already use iBizify’s ConnectRemote PAYG (pay-as-you-go) service, the great news is that by adding a Flex subscription you can now benefit from extended hours, 7 days a week always-on support.

No setup fees.  No long-term commitment.  Cancel any time.

Key features

  • Extended support hours (0800 to 2200 — 7 days a week)
  • Instant support connection on demand: no need to set up each time
  • Dedicated support phone number
  • Microsoft Office 365 administration service
  • Support for all your personal devices (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones)

Find out more

Use the online calculator to find out what your monthly fee would be, and apply online now:

ConnectPremium Flex

Why you should get to know Microsoft Teams

Microsoft claims that Teams is its fastest growing business app in its history.  As of September 2018, Teams was used by more than 329,000 organisations worldwide – up from 200,000 in May that year.  It is used by organisations large and small.  So, what makes it so popular?

Teams is Office 365’s baby

Being one of the most widely used business tools in the world, it is highly probably you have heard of Microsoft Office 365 or are already using it.  Office 365 is a subscription-based service providing a collection of software and cloud services that offer a highly adaptable, scalable and reliable solution to business productivity and collaboration needs.

Launched in 2011 the service has grown enormously and whilst under constant development, new features and tools have appeared monthly.  This is both good and bad.  It is good because the value of your subscription just keeps improving and the service becomes more useful.  It can be a bad thing due to difficulties in keeping up with the changes and being sure you are making the best use of your investment.  It can be hard to know how best to use the tools in context with the rest of your team – especially as individuals can often have different methods of working.

Microsoft Teams is the answer.  Part of Office 365, and now available as a stand-alone solution it offers a single “pane of glass” that provides access to (almost) everything.  Helpfully it runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android (or failing that there is the web browser!).

How does it work?

Created in 2016 Teams is centred around members organised within defined teams and channels.  For example, in a small business you might have sales, marketing and finance teams.  Within the sales team you might have a channel for proposals and prospects.  The marketing team might have channels for certain campaigns, asset libraries, etc.

Divided into “tabs,” each channel includes a conversation tab where team members can “chat” together (instant messaging style), and a Files tab.  The Files tab is where any documents (such as Word or Excel sheets) can be uploaded, shared and collaborated upon by the team, and easily referenced within chat.  Files can be edited right within Teams using the power of Office Online, all without having Word etc. installed (though if you do have these you can instantly launch into them for your full Office editing experience).  Teams keeps everything in one place, reduces “chat over email” and other clutter.

At the top of Teams is an incredibly powerful search, command and contact box – where just about anything (and anyone) you could need is a few taps away…and indeed it works very well (sadly unlike some of Microsoft’s other search offerings).

The methodology of Teams goes a long way and can be applied effectively to a vast array of needs.  It can be adapted to suit many individual organisational approaches.  However, the magic really starts to happen when you add custom tabs and connectors.

If you had a channel concerning the delivery of a project to a customer, you might have a tab which had the original proposal.  You might have another tab holding a live Microsoft Planner document that everyone can share and keep up-to-date.  Perhaps a tab containing a OneNote notebook so that you can see field sales’ notes in real time.  Another tab might contain a Microsoft Form to be completed to then trigger other actions.

There is a rapid growth of third-party tools appearing in the Teams store to bring in data and functionality from apps you already use such as Trello, Smartsheet, SurveyMonkey, Evernote, Wrike, social networks and more.  For example, in our Marketing team general channel we have the Mailchimp connector installed, which means “the chimp” drops in to the chat regularly with a report on the performance of our latest campaigns.  The possibilities are pretty endless!

It also does the Skype thing

Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business and as such already has much of its predecessor’s functionality (built on improved technologies):

  • One to one and group online audio and video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant online meetings and presentations
  • Scheduled meetings * (meaning arranged ahead of time)
  • Meeting recording *
  • Phone calls and audio conferencing *

* Not available in the free version

How do I get Microsoft Teams?

If you already have an Office 365 subscription, you most likely already have Microsoft Teams.  Visit and sign in.

If you do not have Office 365 you can sign up for Teams for free here:

Office 365 subscriptions including Microsoft Teams and its many other benefits starts from less than £5 per user per month (excluding VAT).  Sign up for a free trial here:

iBizify can help

iBizify have been helping its clients make the best of Office 365 since 2012, providing specialist setup, email and data migration, support and training services based on the world’s best business productivity platform.

To discuss how you can benefit please get in touch (

Further resources

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Case study: Tavistock House Dental Practice

New customer-centric iBizify website with Promote+ saves time for staff and customers, generates a 350% increase in online direct contact and a 20% increase in visitors.

Established in 1973, Tavistock Dental Practice of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire has always remained at the forefront of dental technology and care for its patients.  Striving for constant improvement, their team’s passion for learning new techniques, discovering new materials, and attending regular training is clear.

Our patients are the heart of everything we do.  We set up and maintain rapport with our patients and provide a fair, honest, and ethical approach.  We believe this is why so few patients ever leave us,” said Carlton Morris, Principal Dentist at Tavistock.

The need

Tavistock recognises the importance of supplying customer convenience online as well as in surgery.  Their existing website was several years old and built during the transition towards “mobile-first” web design.  Whilst supplying essential information to visitors, it had become dated in its design, difficult to edit, and didn’t add enough value to the customer’s experience.  Website visitor numbers were falling, with many preferring to simply use Google directly.

Tavistock and iBizify worked together to identify what were the most important and most used elements of Tavistock’s online service to customers, and what could be added to increase value and productivity within the existing processes.

The solution

The result was a plan to build a whole new website on iBizify’s Web Platform, combined with iBizify’s Promote+ service, that would provide:

  • An appointment request service
  • Photo gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Regularly updated news
  • Original content
  • A responsive design for the best experience on all devices